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Ebola in Perspective


People are concerned about Ebola. In West Africa it has a 70% mortality rate. And because our world is so connected today, it took just a plane ride for the virus to reach America. Should you be worried? Probably not. Ebola is not transmitted thru the air. It’s usually caught by close contact with a sick patient’s body fluids. The virus can live for several hours on contaminated surfaces but the risk of catching it that way is low. It’s easily killed with disinfection.

Let’s put things in perspective. Your chances of getting sick or dying from the flu or pneumonia are much greater. Did you know that in middle-aged people getting a flu shot decreases the risk of having a heart attack by 50%?

Pneumonia is serious. In 2012, 52,294 Americans died from pneumonia. Those numbers are real. A lot of people don’t even know you can get a pneumonia shot.

Here’s what else you can do to increase your immunity and decrease your chances of getting sick:

  1. You’ve heard it before. Wash your hands with soap and water. For 60 seconds. Hands that are slightly wet are more likely to transfer viruses and bacteria. Be sure your hands are dry. Really dry.
  2. Eat nutritious food. A nutritional deficiency can negatively affect your immune function..
  3. Engage in moderate exercise. A study found that women who walked briskly for about a half hour five days a week had about half the sick days as their sedentary counterparts.
  4. Limit the amount of fat in your diet. Not only will this help control your calories, but a study at Tufts University found that those with a lower than average dietary fat intake had better T-cell function, a measure of immunity. A diet lower in simple sugars may also help.
  5. Get some sleep. People that get less than 7 hours of sleep at night are three times more likely to get sick from things like the common cold.
  6. In addition to your flu and pneumonia shots, stay current on other vaccines.

So, you can wring your hands and worry about Ebola or you can go wash your hands and decrease your chances of a much more real threat, the flu.

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From Dr. Heider and the team at Ultimate Smile Dental, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Floss Unraveled

There are probably more types of floss than there are teeth in your mouth. So, what to choose? Waxed floss may have an edge, according to one Swiss study. But if the waxed stuff is just too slippery for you to hang on to, you might do better with unwaxed. Go with what you won’t mind using. How thick or thin depends on your teeth and the size of the spaces in between. Try a few different kinds to see what type slips easily between your choppers. You might even decide to use thin floss for one area of your mouth and thicker, textured floss in another spot.

Whatever you choose, floss correctly and you can remove up to 80% of the plaque between your teeth.

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From Dr. Heider and The Whitening team at Ultimate Smile Dental, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free… What’s the Deal?

You probably know that vegetarian means meat-free. But what about vegan? Or macrobiotic? Which ones ban beer, again? There are a lot of buzzwords out there, and keeping different diets straight can be confusing. We’ve got a cheat sheet.

Most people follow one of these diets for health or environmental reasons. Some people give up meat to help lower their cholesterol; others just want to reduce their carbon footprints (since meat production can be highly polluting). As for giving up flour—or all types of dairy!—here’s the scoop:

The bottom line of vegetarianism: no meat. Vegetarians focus on vegetables, fruits, and grains, plus beans and dairy for protein.

Vegans give up not just meat but all animal products. That means no eggs, no milk, no cheese, and usually no leather when it comes to clothes and shoes. Fortunately there are a lot of products on the market that replace regular dairy, like soy or almond milk, egg substitutes, and tofu.

Sound like a fake category? Pescatarian is a term that has come about to describe vegetarians who give up meat but eat fish.

The most complicated of these diets, macrobiotic is based on an Asian idea of balance. A macrobiotic diet can vary from person to person, but it focuses on whole grains, vegetables, seaweed, fruit, and beans. It’s important to keep foods as natural as possible when cooking; over-processed foods are out. Most people who follow a macrobiotic diet eliminate meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugar.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, which means it’s in a lot of things you eat. Anything with flour—like bread, cake, cookies, crackers, and cereal, for starters. And beer, made with barley, is a no-no, too. People with celiac disease have an immune reaction to gluten that causes damage to the intestine, so a gluten-free diet is life-changing. Other people with wheat allergies may also follow a gluten-free diet and use alternative flours like coconut and rice flours.

Regardless of your nutrition questions, we’re here to help!  We can assist in helping you make sure your diet contributes to your ideal oral health.  Just ask.

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From Dr. Heider and The Whitening team at Ultimate Smile Dental, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The Power of a Professional White Smile

We wanted to give you some information and a special offer. The systems we use have been the industry leader in whitening for many years. We are happy to offer many new types of whitening options that give great results with no sensitivity.

The power of a Professional White Smile

We are excited you chose our practice to whiten your smile! Now, let’s make a deal:

Give us a 5 star rating on Facebook, Yelp, or Angie’s List and we’ll brighten your smile with:


What, you have no custom trays? We’ll take care of that too! 5 stars entitles you to new whitening trays for the Facebook special price of of $99.00, a savings of $99. That’s half the normal fee! There’s no reason to wait. This is a limited time offer.


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From Dr. Heider and The Whitening team at Ultimate Smile Dental, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


Mother’s Are Special!

A Mother listens with her heart

Speaks with hugs and
Teaches not only with words but by example, also!

To those Moms in our dental family, we want you to know just how special you are to us! 

We all hope you have a wonderful,
deserving and relaxing Mother’s Day.

And now, Mom, it’s your turn!

Smile confidently during and after treatment with Invisalign. Smooth, clear, comfortable aligners gradually move your teeth toward the smile you’ve always wanted.

You deserve the beautiful smile of your dreams. Call our office today and we’ll evaluate your smile at a no-charge Invisalign consultation. See our special’s below, just for mom!

Complimentary Invisalign Treatment

$500 Off Invisalign Treatment

Free Retainers with Treatment


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From Dr. Heider and The Whitening team at Ultimate Smile Dental, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Spring Specials

Happy Easter and Passover!

As we enter the busy travel months ahead, we want to make sure you are able to complete any necessary dental care.

So for a limited time, we are offering 20% off any previously diagnosed dental treatment over $500!*

In addition, we are offering a White Sale. Brighten your smile for only $152 (normally $198)*.

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*Appointment must be scheduled before April  30th and treatment completed before May 31st.

Could You Have Bleachorexia?

Spring is here with Easter and Passover around the corner. For many, it’s also time for Spring Cleaning!

So, is the quest for getting your pearly whites pearlier driving you mad? We have a new diagnosis for your condition — and it’s called bleachorexia.

Bleachorexia is the term coined to describe an addictive obsession with teeth whitening. “People can become addicted to bleaching their teeth to the point that it’s affecting their dental health”

If you have bleachorexia, you probably don’t need a 12-step program — but you may need to set more realistic expectations about your teeth-whitening products.

Your teeth naturally become stained over time from products like coffee, tea, and tobacco. “Stains may also come from red wine, sodas, and certain types of antibiotics.

So how do whitening products work? Teeth whitening systems rely on the bleaching agent Bleaching works best on yellow-colored teeth, not as well on brown teeth, and not well at all on gray-colored teeth. Teeth discolored by fluoride or antibiotics also tend to be resistant to bleaching.

Teeth Whitening Systems: A Bleachorexic’s Drug?

The American Dental Association (ADA) has approved the following bleaching products:

  • In-office teeth bleaching. Also called chair-side bleaching, this office procedure involves applying a protective gel or rubber shield to your gums, and then applying a bleaching agent to your teeth. Special lights may be used to speed up the process. Each visit may take from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • At-home bleaching. We can supply you with a kit to use at home that includes a bleaching solution in gel form and a custom-made appliance to hold the gel in place. The device usually is worn twice a day  for 30 minutes or overnight for two weeks. Over-the-counter kits are also available, but they are not ADA-approved or as effective.
  • Teeth whitening toothpastes. If you are hoping for a super white smile that comes from super whitening toothpaste, you may be waiting a long time. ADA-approved whitening toothpastes only whiten your teeth by keeping them cleaner. They do not actually bleach your teeth.

When Does Bleaching Go Too Far?

Done right, bleaching your teeth may help you attain that smile you’ve set your heart on. But can it harm? “It can if you overdo it,” “Although ADA-approved systems are safe as long as you follow instructions, bleaching your teeth excessively can actually cause them to get translucent, making them look even less white.”

These risks are also involved with obsessive bleaching:

  • Hypersensitivity. Teeth bleaching can make your teeth more sensitive. This is the most common complaint.  Your teeth can become sensitive to hot and cold.
  • Oral irritation. Your gums, palate, and throat can become irritated from the bleach, and some people also get nauseous from swallowing some of the solution. If they occur, these side effects also subside after you stop using the bleach.
  • Tooth enamel erosion. If you use a bleaching kit for too long or bleach too frequently, it’s possible to wear away the outer coating of your teeth. This is just one more reason to stick with an ADA-approved teeth whitening system under the watchful eye of our office.

The Right Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Your first step is to choose your teeth whitening system carefully. As long as you stick to an ADA-approved system or bleach under our direction, your risks are low.

Most of all, be realistic about the results of teeth whitening.  A good rule of thumb is that if your teeth are whiter than the whites of your eyes, it doesn’t look natural.

Enjoy Spring and happy whitening!

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From Dr. Heider and all of us at Ultimate Smile Dental, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


FACT 1: No plan is pay-all. It is only designed to aid in payment. Most have yearly maximums or deductibles, and is not truly insurance compared to medical plans. Consider it a partial benefit plan.

FACT 2: Many insurance companies state they pay 80% to 100%. In spite of what is stated, most plans cover less than the average fee. The amount the plan pays is determined by the coverage purchased by the employer. The less paid for the coverage, the less the patient receives in benefits. This is usually very confusing because what is stated coverage and actual amount eligible to be paid rarely match.

FACT 3: Some insurance companies inform their subscribers that the doctor’s “fees are above usual and customary fees,” rather than saying “your benefits are low.” Remember, you the patient get back in benefits what your employer paid toward the plan less the insurance company’s profits and administrative costs.  This is a basic business principal.

FACT 4: Unfortunately, some routine dental services are not covered by benefit plans. We always try to inform you prior to treatment if we are aware of a service, which is not a covered expense. We inform before we perform to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, benefits, in general, are a moving target!

FACT 5: Generally, the PPOs and HMOs offer lists of participating doctors. This does not always mean that it is a requirement for patients to choose a doctor from that list. Patients still have the freedom of choice. We strive to be your practice of choice because of the value we provide compared to the lack of value of certain plans.

The filing of claims is a service provided for our patients. Every effort is always made to maximize your benefits. Plans are a wonderful supplement for you, but be aware of the hidden truths about dental coverage.

By providing information to you regarding coverage, you can be avoid misunderstandings prior to beginning treatment. The goal of providing quality dentistry for extremely satisfied patients can be achieved by satisfying your dental needs, and not allowing companies to dictate treatment to you because of plan benefits restrictions.

For the highest quality in care, all of us must always remain aware, but not benefits driven. Call us for any questions you have, or let us know if you are changing insurance so we can help guide you to a plan that is best for your needs and wants. Also, let us know if you do not have insurance. We have an in-office plan for you!

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From Dr. Heider and all of us at Ultimate Smile Dental, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Lasers & You

Laser Dentistry

Dentistry – Even More High Tech!

We are happy to announce that we continue to acquire new technology to make your dentistry easier and faster.

We have incorporated additional lasers in our office because they can treat targeted tissue while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. This allows us to perform very precise procedures. In addition, lasers seal blood vessels and nerves that prevents bleeding or swelling. Lasers are gentle and precise! We typically use the newest soft tissue lasers for procedures such as bacteria elimination and debridement of periodontal pockets, and as a preparation tool for digital impressions.

We have received our training and certification from the World Clinical Laser Institute, and use many techniques for your safety including the use of specially designed safety eyewear.

We look forward to using lasers and all of our new technology to assist you with your dental needs. Contact us if you have any questions. As always, we thank you for your referrals of friends family, and business associates or anyone who could benefit from this technology!

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From Dr. Heider and all of us at Ultimate Smile Dental, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida .