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Are you ready to enjoy your summer with a full smile? Dental bridges are an extremely effective form of tooth replacement therapy designed to accurately fill in voids left behind by missing and lost teeth by directly attaching to nearby or neighboring teeth for a durable hold that will last. Dental bridges look natural and will closely match the natural visuals of your teeth. Listed below are just a few of the astonishing benefits that dental bridges can provide:

– Dental bridges are helpful in lowering your risk for tooth decay and gum disease brought on by gaps in your smile, and dental bridges can ensure teeth that are nearby the gap do not move or shift due to gum destabilization.
– Dental bridges can replace lost or missing teeth with artificial replicas that mimic the look of normal teeth.
– Tooth loss has the added problem of causing your facial structure to sink in, which can make you look older, less attractive, and noticeably weaker. Correct this issue by restoring the fullness of your face with dental bridges.
– Simple tasks such as speaking, eating, and chewing can be drastically affected by missing teeth. Restore order to your mouth with dental bridges.
– Dental bridges can last anywhere from ten years to a lifetime of wear and tear.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Ultimate Smile Dental for a dental bridge, please call our dentist office at 954-566-5428. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Dr. Robert Wagner and all of our wonderful team hope to restore your smile to the beautiful shape you desire