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If you end up with gingivitis, your oral health isn’t over. In fact, gingivitis may be a good wake-up call that you need to do a better job of taking care of your mouth, and it can be easily reversed. However, many people don’t know what gingivitis is, how to deal with it, or what the warning signs of it are.

So today, we thought we’d explain this to you to help you keep a better eye on your oral health.

What is it?
Gingivitis is an early-stage form of gum disease. Tartar buildup is what causes this problem to occurr. This is essentially a buildup of bacteria that can eat away at your gums and teeth.

Tartar creates red, inflamed gums that are tender to the touch and bleed often. That’s what gingivitis is – inflamed, bleeding gums. This is the earliest stage of gum disease you’ll ever deal with.

How to avoid it
Now, having gingivitis doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? It certainly isn’t. But can you avoid it? Luckily, you can – and it’s really easy.

Flossing once daily and brushing twice is a great way to prevent gum disease. You have to floss if you want to completely remove the possibility of gingivitis from your future. Flossing is one of the best ways to clean out the junk between your teeth. If you’re serious about avoiding gingivitis, you need to get serious about flossing.

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