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How is your holiday season been going along so far? Are you making sure to exercise caution with oral health ailments to prevent damage or injury from occurring? If any damage or injury should occur, it is important to have it treated immediately. If you have suffered surface damage to your teeth, visit our office for a dental bonding treatment. Dental bonding provides the following benefits:

– Dental bonding can assist with issues including spacing problems between teeth, including minor malocclusions

– Decaying teeth that have begun to erode with holes in your tooth enamel can be fixed with dental bonding treatments. In addition, composite resins can be used to treat any cavities that do arise.

– Dental bonding treatments can be put in place to help correct issues with the shape and color of teeth.

– If a section of a tooth is exposed, including a tooth’s root due to gum recession, dental bonding treatments will need to be applied.

– Dental bonding treatments can function effectively for up to a decade of use before they will need to be repaired or replaced.

– If you suffer from any visual defects connected with your teeth, including deep stains and discolorations, they can be treated with dental bonding procedures.

– To make teeth look longer, or to extend teeth to a substantial degree, dental bonding treatments can be helpful.

– Dental bonding can contribute to helping repair easily visible damage to teeth, including chips, fractures, splits, or another similar form of dental damage.

For more information about dental bonding, you can speak with Dr. Robert Wagner and our team at Ultimate Smile Dental by calling us at 954-566-5428. If you require a comprehensive oral exam or bi-annual professional cleaning, our dentist office is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.