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Are you in need of a tooth restoration service for a broken, misaligned, stained, or discolored tooth? Two excellent procedures available at your dentist include dental crowns and dental veneers. Dental crowns work by placing an artificial cap over a damaged tooth that looks and functions as a normal healthy tooth would. Dental veneers only place a small layer on the fronts of teeth for a beautiful look that can make your whole mouth shine.

Do you need a dental crown or a dental veneer? Here are advantages to each:

– If a tooth has split or is in pieces, it may be possible to hold the pieces together with a dental crown.
– Dental veneers can be used for minor misalignments and can be crafted to fill out irregular or large gaps between teeth.
-When placing a veneer or crown over a tooth, a small amount of tooth enamel needs to be removed to hold the treatment in place. Dental veneers need less enamel removed than dental crowns do to be cemented into place.
– Dental crowns can conceal and protect damaged teeth that potentially otherwise would be destroyed or extracted.
– Dental veneers can be easily customized to the size, shape and color shade you desire.
– If you have a dental implant, a dental filling, or a root canal, a dental crown may be placed over the top of it for additional protection.
– If your teeth have been slightly cracked or discolored, dental veneers can be placed over the face of the teeth to conceal the damage.

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