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At the practice of Ultimate Smile Dental, we are excited to offer the Invisalign® smile alignment system for our patients in Fort Lauderdale, Florida wanting a discreet orthodontic alternative to traditional braces with metal brackets and wires. Not only is Invisalign ideal for straightening crooked and crowded teeth, but it can help teeth with gaps in them and teeth that have minor bite issues.

The Invisalign system works using a series of clear plastic aligners which are custom-made to shift your teeth incrementally into place without relying on metal wires and brackets. The aligners are computer generated to suit your unique needs perfectly. All you need to do is change them out–every two weeks or so–to advance to the next stage of your alignment process.

Invisalign has two benefits that traditional braces don’t. One, your aligners are removable which means you still maintain your normal daily oral hygiene routine of removing bacterial biofilm (or dental plaque) which cause cavities and gum disease if neglected. Brushing and flossing, as usual, to clean between the teeth and around the gumline is easy without trying to clean around brackets and wires or worrying about damaging them as you clean.

The second benefit which Invisalign offers is your healthy diet. With Invisalign you don’t have to change your dietary habits, you can still enjoy foods like carrots, apples, and even steak without worrying about your aligners, which you take out when you eat. There is a caveat though: remember to put your aligners back in after eating and cleaning your pearly whites! You don’t want to accidentally lose them if you are eating out.

To determine whether Invisalign is a good treatment plan for straightening your smile, please give our team a call at 954-566-5428 to schedule a consultation. Our dentist, Dr. Robert Wagner looks forward to helping you create the smile you want in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.