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Did you know that your oral health can be greatly enhanced by devising a plan to protect yourself from common dangers that can arise? Practice safe smiles by avoiding oral health hazards. The more you do to avoid oral health hazards, the better your smile can look.

One common hazard that everyone faces is the harmful ingredients in foods and drinks, specifically sugar. If possible, limit or eliminate sugar in your diet to ensure help boost your oral health. In addition, limit sticky or chewy foods in your diet, as well as hard candies and tough or overly hard foods as they can all pose a risk to your dental health.

Bad habits including smoking and chewing tobacco or using drugs, even recreational drugs, can be problematic for your oral health and should be avoided at all costs. If you play contact sports, always make sure to wear protective safety equipment including mouth guards and face masks, if applicable. Another common hazard that should be avoided is mouth jewelry, including lip and tongue rings which can become choking hazards, or chip and crack your teeth.

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