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You may have asked yourself, “What other protective measure can I do to fight against cavities and decay?” Maybe you didn’t ask yourself that question, but you can help fight against buildup by having your dentist apply dental sealants. These are plastic coatings placed specifically on the grooves of your teeth, where growth and food particles tend to linger and cause infections.

Ultimate Smile Dental strives to provide not only the best care for you and your teeth but take preventative measures. Dental sealants allow this opportunity to better protect your teeth, so talk to your dentist today about when you can have sealants placed.

The procedure is very simple. Your dentist first cleans the tooth area that has small grooves with a rotating brush and paste. After they have been rinsed and thoroughly dried, a solution that is acidic is applied to create a coarse surface. The area is rinsed and dried again before a liquid dental solution is placed on the area and hardened with a special light. This creates a finished varnish that is smooth and doesn’t disrupt your speaking and eating abilities.

The liquid sealant usually is made up of a slightly tinted, clear, or white material to create a natural look. Dr. Robert Wagner and our dental team strive to give you your best, natural smile. Call our associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 954-566-5428 today for a better protected smile today!