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Enamel erosion is a dental issue that can harm your smile more than you might realize. In fact, it can wear away your tooth enamel (the outer white layer of your teeth) and expose the underlying dentin. This can make the teeth vulnerable to bacteria and plaque, which could result in cavities. Some common symptoms involved in enamel erosion include sensitivity, tooth discoloration, cracked teeth, rounded teeth, and even transparent teeth.

Sadly enough, there are many culprits of enamel erosion. Some of those culprits are:

-Carbonated drinks: All carbonated drinks, even diet drinks, contain high levels of acid. When you drink them, the acid attacks the teeth and dissolves the tooth enamel.

-Wine: Red, white, and rose´ wine will soften your enamel and result in erosion.

-Fruit juice: Acidic fruit juices, like lemon, cranberry, orange, and apple, can result in enamel erosion when you drink them.

-Stomach acid: Stomach acid also has high levels of acid, and when it comes in contact with your teeth, it can cause extreme damage. So, if you have an eating disorder or severe acid reflux, it’s best to consult with a medical professional.

It’s best to prevent enamel erosion altogether. You can do so by eating acidic products with meals, avoiding acidic products altogether, using a straw when you drink acidic drinks, and waiting to brush after you consume something acidic. Do you have questions about enamel erosion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? If so, please contact our dentist, Dr. Robert Wagner, and dental team at Ultimate Smile Dental. All you need to do is dial 954-566-5428 and we will be happy to help you!